Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RingCentral CAPTCHA Strikeout

I tried to sign up for a account today but either I am dyslexic and still can't see the mismatch or their challenge-response system is broken. I did call the number and spoke with a gentleman (from his accent I assume he is in a foreign call center - but I only assume that) who offered to sign me up but didn't seem concerned that there may be a problem with the web site. I didn't pursue it further and I didn't sign up. If their web sign up system is broken I'm not sure I can trust the web-based tools they provide to manage account features.

I had TimeSnapper running at the time so I went back and looked at my attempts. These are screen clips from three different attempts to submit the form:

This is the dialog I got each time:

This was disappointing because it looks like they have a decent service. I may try again later. Maybe I am wasting time clipping screen shots and writing about this but I think this is something businesses need to be careful of. A poor challenge-response system kills confidence. I think the worst part is that this happens at a point where the customer has already decided to buy. Do you really want your web site to change their mind?


Anonymous said...

that's gonna hurt their profits.
worst time to fail.
good to see you had timesnapper running ;-)

Bryden said...

We just signed up with We were able to sign up and use a configuration wizard to get our complete phone system up and running in a matter of 10 minutes. Excellent solution