Friday, April 25, 2008

CONDG Meeting - April 2008

At this month's Central Ohio .NET Developers Group meeting Scott Walker and Bryan Demuth, who work at TDCI, gave a presentation on debugging production applications. The presentation had a few bugs, some intentional (it was a debugging demo) and some not. In spite of the unintentional bugs I thought Scott did an excellent job of introducing some debugging techniques that are more hard-core than stepping through code in Visual Studio. Bryan was good at the Man in Black thing and from the entry on his blog I take it some in the audience didn't know who Johnny Cash was. What's that got to do with debugging? Nothing really.

Scott's blog has a link to download the slides from the presentation (and the slides include relevant links). Here are a few links related to the debugging tools discussed at the meeting:

Troubleshooting ASP.NET using WinDbg and the SOS extension

How to use ADPlus to troubleshoot hangs and crashes


A blog by Tess that has some detailed debugging info.

Also mentioned at the meeting:

COSPUG: Central Ohio SharePoint Users Group.

COALMG: Central Ohio Application Lifecycle Management Group.

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