Thursday, September 04, 2008

Query: VR8 WAV

I was curious if there is a program available that can convert the files (with a VR8 extension) used internally by the Roland VS-880 digital audio workstation to standard WAV files. I have a VS-880 (now quite "legacy") that I used to record the Shack Monks album. I don't really need a converter since I have already archived the audio (two tracks at a time through the S/PDIF port into CoolEdit with the help of MIDI sync).

The search for "VR8 WAV" revealed a forum thread on VS-Planet discussing a RDAC to WAV converter utility. There were also references to a plug-in for a PC digital audio workstation program named REAPER.

I've never heard of REAPER before so I explored that a bit. The company that makes it is Cockos Inc. which was founded by Justin Frankel who created WinAmp years ago. I may give REAPER a try later.

Also found a VStudio Utility Portal page but there's not much on it.

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Old-Enough said...

Converting .VR8 to .WAV

Download / Install Audacity (free), once installed select "Project"-->"Import Raw Data"-->select your .VR8 file-->"Open".

Select the following options:
Signed 16 bit PCM
Default endianness
1 Channel mono
Start offset: 0 bytes
Amount to import: 100%
Sample Rate: 44100Hz
Select "Import".

If the file sounds ok you can export to .WAV from "File"-->"Export to WAV"-->"Save"