Thursday, March 27, 2008

COLUG Meeting - March 2008

I attended the The Central Ohio Linux User Group meeting yesterday. Rick German from Stoneware gave a presentation on their WebOS. In my over-simplified view, WebOS is a system that creates a virtual desktop within a web browser. The system is built around a set of Java applications running on servers that interface with a number of hosted applications including web services and Windows Terminal Server sessions. This provides a unified point of entry to multiple back-end services with single sign-on, and provides centralized control of who can run which applications and where. This looks like some pretty cool technology especially useful for organizations with a lot of users needing access to a limited core set of applications to do their jobs. Still there is something about the idea of the desktop within the browser within a host OS that makes me feel like this is only evolutionary. At some point that outer browser and OS should disappear like the legs on a snake.

Speaking of snakes, Python to be precise, Catherine Devlin announced PyOhio, a "daylong regional miniconference being planned for the summer of 2008 in Columbus, OH."

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